intellectual property

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The Company has filed for four patents with the US patent Office (USPTO). These patents were filed provisionally in August of
2013 to establish priority dates for the inventions of the Company. US patents 9,083,725 B2 issued July 14, 2015 and US
patent applied for per 14/457,153 approved 3/11/2016 awaiting issuance and two more applied for and waiting for second
level of office actions.

The Company believes that at least 6 other patents can be filed for the technological breakthroughs that it has achieved.
he company is evaluating the strategy to manage is IP assets in a way that maximizes its value and provides the best
protection for it in the long term.

Concurrent with More’s law and Metcalf law which describe capacity of semiconductors and the network expansion rate, both
the semiconductor and network will become data focused and more than ever before data-centric. A recent report by Morgan
Stanley highlights this concurrency This concept which has become known as the “Internet of things” has ramifications for
the enterprise the scope of which is unfolding on a daily basis.

Miras envisions the Internet of things to become the driver for creation of innovative and state of the art tools and systems
that could only be developed with the newly developed tools. This circular interdependency on new tools is rather different
than the hierarchical interdependencies which the high technology industry has seen up until now.

Miras believes that those who are in possession of data will need to extract value from it in ways never before
experienced and that such an extraction must be done in real time and with speed and efficiencies that create value
and can be measured as such rather than costs as the traditional models proposed.

The Company has designed it system with its two engineer founders working for the past 15 months and has
coded and now released its beta with less than 10 man years of engineering effort. Efficiency and lean
production as a core practice of the company has had a direct and positive impact on creating an inherently
efficient set of tools and systems for the big data challenges ahead. The members of the Company’s Board of
directors are seasoned technology and business executives with more than 120 years of combined business

We aim to create insights for how to solve specific problems and dealing with specific challenges that the data
created by connected world creates. Our first step is to provide the tools and systems that do so in the most
innovative and easy to use ways for all those who work in and with the connected world domains.

Our integrity and the integrity of our systems and solutions are inseparable and we value and guard them by
never accepting mediocrity or being mediocre in anything that we do. We believe Excellence is not a challenge nor
is it a state of mind; It is a culture which we strive to create systematically while learning across our organization and overcoming our limitations. We value creativity, innovation and efficiency.