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At Miras, we’re passionate about building software that solves problems. Miras's software is deployed at the Iran’s most prestigious & critical institutions to help them solve their greatest challenges spanning from predictive maintenance & flight scheduling to the analysis of news related to them. We Mirasian on a mission to shape the future by transforming how our clients use data and technology.


Big Data technology as a disruptive technology can improve ground operations, supporting faster turnaround times and better airspace management solutions which are driving efficiencies. They can also give airlines a critical look at passengers to enable better and more personalized experiences for each passenger, which in turn drives brand loyalty, increases customer satisfaction, enables stronger auxiliary revenue stream and finally supports scheduling/rebooking of passengers when delays occur.

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Power Industry

There is big insight in the power industry big data Some day, the power grid may operate a lot more intelligently, using data sources like the Internet does. But until then, there will be a growing need for new technology to create, crunch, and analyse energy data. we provide such technologies.

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Increasing the quality of sales leads, improving the quality of sales lead data, improving prospecting list accuracy, territory planning, win rates and decision maker engagement strategies are all areas where big data is making a contribution to sales today.

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Public Relaiton

The concept of Big Data advanced technology that allows large volumes of data to drive more fully integrated decision-making is transforming the world of business, and even more specifically, the public relations profession.

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