Market Research

Market Data Analytics

All businesses must evaluate themselves against their competitors in the market. think about it as essential and important issue to them. Knowing about the cost of advertising and the optimality due to the revenue can be kept very necessary. Therefore, being aware of these factors for the businesses and rest of the competitors can be very useful and give business competing edge. Getting all of this information together and visualize it to obtain better insight is another remarkable value. In addition, knowing about advertising plan of competitors in medias such as television, radio and the Internet can be very notable and useful. In this regard Miras offers two products ‘Brand Lift’ and ‘MAAA’ which are seeking to build a system to have a better sense of the market and advertising media.

Brand lift service provided by Miras Co. gives general and comprehensive vision to the businesses of what is going on in their market. This product has the ability to provide strait forward dashboard for each manufacturer, sale and marketing team to get insight about the current positions of itself and its competitors in the market. These dashboards provide four different measures which are as following:

  • Sales percentage of each brand form total market size
  • Advertising share of expenditure which has been spent by each brand against competitors
  • Share people how have been exposed by manufacture campaign advertisements
  • Set of adjectives and attribute of a brand that make it recognizable and associated with it which call Brand Attribute
These tools, including the above dashboards help the sales and marketing managers to realize what their state in advertisements media is. Moreover, they realize how effective was their Ad camping in terms of audience exposure. Finally, how much market share they have obtained. These measures can be calculated by different dimensions in terms of time, location, type of product, Ads channels (TV, Radio, printed media and Internet and social media) and etc. marketing managers can make decision based by these dashboards more easily and With more knowledge. For example, he/she can evaluate effectiveness of a campaign in different time periods and channels. Sometimes results show that the campaign can reach by most of audience and target group, but not leading to sales. This shows that there is a problem in other part of the business.
This product provides tree type of dashboard:
  1. Dashboard which compare competitors in markets
  2. Dashboards which have more dimensions in terms of time, location, type of product, Ads channels (TV, Radio, printed media and Internet and social media) and etc. these dashboards enable marketing and sale managers to explore more thoroughly the details of their actions on their camping and consequently on their market share.
  3. Dashboard which shows brand attributes.
This product can offer by different type of packaging based on customers need.

Automatic Advertising Monitoring application is based on LeggoApp platform. This application use Audio recognition and image processing technology and some other Artificial Intelligence algorithms to monitor and detect promotion teasers on TV/Radio/Internet stream. Also, we give IRIB tariff at the beginning of each year and can calculate expenditure each teaser showing. Finally, this application make some report based on three main measures: Expenditure, Duration and TimeLine ,Spot of advertising clips in terms of date, channel, start time, end time, teaser position, brand, sub brand and manufacturing factory.

Sales Pattern Recognition

All businesses sales pattern and interaction with customers could be modeled. Product sale in a particular city at different times, how people Buy different brands for a product in a specific location, how a product sale at a time in different cities, how different products sales at different times and different places and etc. All these data could be very important to help their success. Miras provide set solutions in this field in order to facilitate business to get higher value out their data than pure statistical information. Using existing technologies in Miras, clients can easily extract information from sales data that was not possible before. Using SPR developed in the Miras, businesses can categorize their customer’s behavior based on time, location, distributer or their products. They can also gain the best strategy to enter the market and predict their products sale in the future. SPR not only can be effective for company's short time sales strategy, but also with its can give them insight about their competitors. This information can also be very valuable for distributer companies or Supermarket to realize customers' behavior towards different brands.

Pattern Recognition

Product sales including many factors and complexities. Moreover, it depends on situations such as economy of the market, time, location and ect. For example, For example, selling stationery items always improve by the beginning of academic year. This shows an obvious pattern which is clear to sells managers, therefore this pattern will able them to balance the market demand to have maximum sells over this period of time. But there are many other patterns and trends that are not clear to human naked eyes. These patters only can be discovered by data mining technologies specially machine learning tools.
LeggoApp analytical backend use machine learning algorithms to discover such patterns and make them accessible for sale managers to give them insight to take advantages of this information at the best of their profit. To have better presentation of such pattern and trends please finds some example below:
  • To find sales pattern in specific period of time, locations & different type of shops
  • To discover sales pattern in specific type of shops in certain times and locations
  • To discover sales pattern in particular geographical area at the specific time & shops
  • To be able to find relationship between a specific product & its competitors
  • To find pattern between to different type of goods in the market