See what you couldn't see

The reality is that the reliance on data is growing exponentially; virtually any application of data requires analytics or BI to extract meaning and subsequent action. What once appeared as two opposing trends that could potentially cancel each other out has merged into a synthesis in which formal education in the field - in addition to developments in automation, Data Discovery tools, Cloud computing and Big Data - is readily used to simplify the process of leveraging BI for the inexperienced public.
Big Data’s impact on the simplification of BI is multifaceted. Big Data is one of the main drivers of the trend towards accessing analytics and BI through the analytical backends .

Each day more and more businesses realize that it is frequently more cost-effective and expeditious to obtain these insights from third-parties than to procure and maintain the hardware and trained professionals required to do so in-house. These on-demand analytics providers are accessible at the pace of the business and reduce the need for time-consuming, in-house delays traditionally associated with BI. in Miras we relized Big Data’s impact on Data Management which places a greater premium on analytics and BI. Thus, a convergence of important factors related to the enterprise is functioning as the collective impetus for the consumerization of both IT and BI. These factors are also contributing to the growing climate in Data Management in which data is readily used in the decision-making process for everyday activities and to further business objectives.